Tuesday 18 December 2012

Dec Update 2

Welcome to another Sketch File Update.
This time next week it will be Christmas Day and you're probably all Christmassed-out by now - so for a bit of a change today's idea using the December Sketch isn't a Christmas themed one - just to show that it's not just for Christmas!  
Here's a rmeinder of the sketch, followed by a mini-book layour from Kathy
As it's Christmas Day next Tuesday. we won't be here, but we do have more projects to share, so we'll be back sometime between Christmas and New Year to share some of our ideas - so please call in to see what's new.  Meanwhile we'll take this opportunity to wish you

 a Very Happy and Peaceful Christmas

We hope you'll come back soon to show us what you've made, There's an extra week on the Linky for this sketch - it will be open till Tuesday January 8th, so plenty of time to get crafty with this one

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday 11 December 2012

December Sketch Update 1

Two weeks today it will be Christmas Day!
Are you all ready?  Have you finished making your cards and decorations?  Just in case you need a little more inspiration for those last minute crafty projects - or maybe an idea for a Layout, ATC or any other project you want to do.  We have a couple of lovely cards to share with you this week...


You can use the sketch for any project and in any way that suits you.  We hope you'll come back soon to show us what you've made, There's an extra week on the Linky for this sketch - it will be open till Tuesday January 8th, so plenty of time to get crafty with this one

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday 4 December 2012

December Sketch: Hanging on the Line

Welcome to The Sketch File and our brand new December Sketch.
What will you "hang" on the line that goes across/down the LO?   Fairy Lights, Baubles for Christmas?  Or maybe it'll be a washing line filled with baby clothes.....or bunting decorating a festive LO
We don't mind what your project is - you can share a LO, card, ATC - anything really - we just hope you'll be inspired to get creative and that you'll come back and add your link so we can see what you've used our sketch to make.

December Sketch
 You're welcome to shrink, stretch or twist the sketch to make it work for you, so you might use it like this instead:

 We've a couple of cards to start off our "Ideas Library" this month and there will be more projects to see as the month goes on.

 We hope you'll come back soon to show us what you've made, There's an extra week on the Linky for this sketch - it will be open till Tuesday January 8th, so plenty of time to get crafty with this one

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday 27 November 2012

November update 3

Hello there, 
it's the last update for the November sketch as by next Tuesday it'll be December and time for the next LO idea.  So, hjust  week to join in with this one via the Inlinkz gadget - though you are welcome to use the sketches at any time and can always leave us a comment to say where we can see what you've made.
We've another card and a fab layout from Brenda, and another card from Kathy this week, we hope you like what you see and feel inspired to get creative with our sketch, too.

November Sketch

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday 20 November 2012

November Update 2

Another Tuesday, Another update and more ideas for using the November LO

This week we have Kaz - of "Slightly Wonky Crafts" making a very welcome return visit to The Sketch File and sharing a card made in her very own inimitable style, and also a beautiful and elegant card made by our lovely Jackie which couldn't fail to be appreciated.
First a reminder of the sketch


Now we'd like to see what you can make using the sketch - we don't mind what you make - cards, LOs, ATCs - anything goes....and you can twist, turn, reverse, shrink the sketch in any way you like - just please come back and share what you make with us here.
We'll be back next week with more inspiration

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Movember Update 1

Hello and welcome to the fist of our updates for November.
This week we're very happy to introduce you to Brenda, who is working with us for a while and has made a fabulous bunch of cards using the November sketch.  We're sharing some here today, but not all ;)
It's a;ways good to see how different people interpret the sketches, and how they can be adapted to suit the way we work - it all adds to the inspiration, doesn't it?  We hope you'll enjoy seeing what Brenda has made - and that you'll be inspired to join in and then share what you've made via the Inlinkx gadget below.
Anything goes here, so feel free to twist, shrink, or supersize the LO and use it to make any crafty project you fancy.  
Here's a reminder of the sketch, followed by this week's ideas, all from Brenda!

We'll be back next week with another fab designer to introduce you to ;)

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday 6 November 2012

November; Hang OUt the Banner

Hi there

Thanks so much to those who joined in and used our sketch last month, it was lovely to see how you used it to make such fab creations.  Just because the InLinkz gadget has now closed on that sketch doesn't mean you can't still use it - and if you do we'd love to see more of your projects.  Just leave a comment and a link on one of that sketch's posts and we'll be over to see what you've made.

Now it's on to November's sketch, we hope you'll like it and find it useful in whatever crafting you do
Jackie has made this adorable Baby Card with it's cute row of baby things all hanging on that beautiful baby-feet ribbon!

Two "same stash" cards from Kathy, the second made mainly with scraps from the first

Please come back soon to see more ways the DT have been crafting with the sketch.  We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with too.

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Ovtober Update 4

Hi there
This is the last update for the October sketch - we have a new one to share next Tuesday, so just one more week to join in with this sketch LO
Any sort of crafting project can be linked, and we'd love to see what you can make, so please get creative and join in with us.

Today 2 cards from me (Kathy), I hope you like them

First a reminder of the October Sketch

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday 23 October 2012

October Update 3

This week we have another wonderful idea from Carol for using our October sketch.  Carol has changed the straight lines for lovely swirly one to great effect  - it looks fab!
Join in with us by adding your link below - any sort of crafting project, any size, any way round - it's all good here!
This is the sketch, followed by Carol's inspiarion piece for this week

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday 16 October 2012

October Update 2

Good Morning and welcome to another Sketch File Update
This week Jackie is sharing a great idea for using the sketch as the basis for a fab Christmas card and Carol shows how she used a "shrunken" version of the sketch to form part of her gorgeous journal page.  We're hoping these, and our ideas on earlier posts will help get your own creative juices flowing!
Here's the sketch followed by this week's projects

It would be great to see your projects, so please come and add your links when you're ready to share

Happy Crafting!


Tuesday 9 October 2012

October Update 1

Hello and welcome to The Sketch File
This week's update has a couple of cards from me (Kathy) which I hope will inspire you to use our October "Ribbons" sketch in your crafting
 October Sketch


You can use our sketches in whatever crafting project you like, so cards, scrapping, ATCs etc are all fab - as are any non-papercraft projects too.  We just want to see lots of lovely creativity gong on!  Please come back and add your link so that we can see where the sketch took you...

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday 2 October 2012

October Sketch: Ribbons

Hello there,
Welcome to a whole new month of lovely crafting. The first Tuesday of October means a brand new sketch for you to try.  It can be used for any sort of crafting project, and you can twist it, turn it, shrink it or super-size it - whatever takes you fancy, let your imagination fly!
Just please come back and let us know where we can see your creations.
Here's the October Sketch, along with the first few ideas from our DT

October "Ribbons" sketch


We've more to share with you over the coming month, so please pop back each week to see what's new!

Happy Crafting!