Thursday 19 February 2009

One for Sketch #4

Thanks to those who've already made a card using this sketch - all the cards are fab - if you've not laready checked them out, there are direct links to the blogs of those concerned in the list on the right, along with links for all the other sketches too. There's no time limit on using these sketches, so just add a message whenever you use one and I'll add your link to the relevant list.

There'll be a new sketch along soon - it's all ready to load - probably at the weekend, but first, guess what? I've finally managed to make a card myself!

Here's a little reminder of the sketch in case it's too much bother to scroll down. lol


Janice said...

Nice card Kathy. I'm hoping to use the sketch this weekend.

Janice said...

And it's done!! You can see it HERE

Janice said...

I've done another one - I like this sketch!

Kaz said...

Whoo I've finally done a challenge!! I had a fiddle with it, I couldn't resist!!!